Sunday, March 6, 2011

Far From Chicago by Cavanaugh

Today’s album of choice is Swedish band Cavanaugh’s EP, "Far From Chicago".

This EP begins with "Come Look For Me", which starts off with a simple yet driving drum pattern coupled with a nice electric guitar rhythm. When Jonas Nystrom, the vocalist, enters, the guitars are blended very well and never feel overpowering. You can hear some soft piano in some parts, with is a nice melodic touch. The song’s message (expressed in the title), comes out very clearly and passionately in the lyrics. When Jonas’ voice "breaks" as he says "we’ll find our way, and fly away", you will be able to feel the emotion behind this song.

"Long Gone" begins with a dreary blend of guitars and piano. Vocals in this track are more subdued and softer than in the first track. A theme is started here that will continue throughout the album- loss of a special person. We first see it evidenced here in the chorus, with "but you are long gone, on your way to getting wasted, you’re long gone from here". This song is the only one that deals with the emotional and mental loss of someone to drugs ("you’re so close that you can taste it, another rush to help you carry on") as opposed to the physical loss in "Far From Chicago". Musically, this song is very solid, and the balance of guitar and piano was very unique.

That ends up being the problem with this album. The instrumentals are mostly there, Jonas’ voice and lyrics are strong, but the drums just fall flat. It feels like the same beat is used in every track, causing the album to wear quickly and lack replay value. But, that problem aside, it’s a very solid EP made even better by the fact it’s free. If you want some pop-rock ballads mixed with creative acoustic talent, check out "Far From Chicago" by Cavanaugh.

You can download the album here.

Take a look at Cavanaugh’s website here!

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