Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goodbye Doesn't Mean I'm Gone

Scarlet Youth 
Shoe-gaze pop at its best, this album manages to infuse a tone of depression into their upbeat songs and vice versa. With ten tracks of sheer beauty, this album soothes your soul and give your heart a much needed jump start as it awakens feelings of longing and nostalgia in you. This makes it perfect for sleepless nights, as it has calm yet driving melodies. Listen to this if you're not a Nazi supporting bastard.

1. Sofia C
2. Catch Me When I Fall
3. Farewell Ghosts
4. I Will Be Waiting
5. Between Summer And Spring
6. Somewhere
7. Twilight Room
8. Walls Of Freedom
9. Night Falls Over London
10. Sunshowers

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